Static mixers


The melt is optimally homogenized during the injection stroke. The laminar flow is hereby converted to a swirling plug flow. As a result, your product will considerably be improved by a more even cooling / shrinkage and better distribution of the masterbatch, resulting in a constant, uniform color.

Due to the improved distribution of the pigment, a considerably lower percentage of masterbatch can also suffice, meaning that you have earned back the investment for the mixer in a very short time. (often within a few weeks!) 4Moulding also supplies complete mixing noses in addition to the static mixers.


Pittaluga static mixers – mixers

  • Highest quality
  • Competitive price
  • Perfect distribution of pigment and additives
  • Optimum mechanical strength
  • Failure reduction
  • Constanter tailoring of end products
  • Saving masterbatch – Very short payback time
  • Does not cause color problems
  • Mixers, spray nozzle, adapter and heating element available