NE pneumatically controlled nozzle

There are multiple fields of LSR applications and they are rising in importance. LSR molded parts are frequently seen in the automobile industry, home and sport components, pharmaceutical, medicine and electronic industries.

The pneumatically controlled nozzle type NE has a needle shut-off mechanism which stops the melt stream directly at the mold interface. Rubber, liquid silicone rubber and other elastomers can be processed without fear of premature vulcanization due to the nozzle’s integrated cooling system, which uniquely regulates temperature through the entire nozzle. The nozzle can also be fitted with an interchangeable diving tip for cold channel applications.

The type NE nozzle is suitable for processing with injection pressures of up to 3,000bar and an injection rate of 500cm3. It is designed to allow for easier cleaning and a simple installation. It has been also optimized for melt-flow which results in less friction on the processed elastomer. It is available in custom lengths.


Advantages of the needle shut-off nozzle type NE

– Silicone vulcanisation in the nozzle
– Material leakage when dosing with a retracted injection unit
– Material leakage while vertically injecting

Productivity factors:
– Controlled, clean shut-off of the melt stream
– No vulcanisation in the nozzle
– Increased process reliability and repeatability

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