Test Rig

Cooling channel optimization

​For the first time Mouldflo offers you a unique way to configurate the cooling circuits with full benchmark.

Mouldmakers must often supply new moulds to the customer complete with a report of operating parameters, which should include data relating to the cooling circuits in the mould. Now you can easily connect the Test-rig to the mould as part of the benchmarking process.


Mould Maintenance​

Moulds must be maintained regularly to remove scale and rust and to ensure maximum productivity.

Mould cooling circuits are exposed to scale build-up, which will reduce the flow capacity dramatically, causing moulding problems due to increasing temperatures.

Eventually the cooling channels will block and stop the production.


Flow, temperature and pressure test

With the Test-rig, the cooling channels can be analysed and tested.

The flow and pressure can be controlled exactly to simulate the production setup. All details displayed on the screen:

  • Flow
  • Temperature
  • Pressure Inlet
  • Pressure Outlet


Advanced pump technology

The Test-rig is equipped with a high tech pump, which allows you to control flow volume and pump pressure. Everything is controlled from the touch control.​
The integrated water tank will provide water for flow and pressure tests.

After testing and validating the mould, a convenient feature allows you to air purge the water out of all channels, simply by pushing the “empty system” function.
The unit can be equipped with water change function, to ensure clean water at all times.


Graphical interface

The software is designed to give a simple and quick overview. The software allows you monitor all parameters and settings. All reports can be saved or printed as documentation.

Following data can be recorded:

  • Flow volume/capacity
  • Pressure loss through the Mould
  • Pressure Leak Test


Printer function on test-rig

We can now offer a new version of the software for our Test-rig which offers a printer function.
This means that you can print test reports from the system, which enables you to document the veracity of the mould directly from the user screen.

Besides the printer, this option also includes a wireless router, which could facilitate remote support in the future.