Software Interface

Touch screen

Using a remote mounted touch screen the system will monitor and display the flow and temperature for every circuit. The information can be displayed in either a graphical or text format. The data is stored in the internal memory, time and date stamped for ultimate traceability.


Export of data

The data can also be displayed in a graphical format in order that the operator can spot any trend in deteriorating performance for any particular flow circuit. The data can be read over an ethernet connection or downloaded onto a USB stick.

Warnings and alarms

Warning and alarm limits can be set for flow and temperature to all monitored zones individually. Should a zone deviate from those settings, then both an onscreen warning and a potential free alarm signal can be fed directly to an ancillary device – such as an alarm tower, hot runner controller or the injection moulding machine to warn that the flow has deviated outside of tolerance. The system is capable of storing multiple mould set-ups on the internal memory which can be quickly loaded when a mould is changed with all the correct set-points for any given mould.


Simple overview

Get an immediate overview of cooling circuit status ‘at a glance’ on a single screen with instant display status alarms should the flow / temperature go outside of tolerance.


Historical data

A performance log for each circuit and manifold is stored on the internal memory allowing the user to track the performance and easily identify problems.


Event log

Alarm errors, warnings and operator changes are all stored with a time and date stamp and can be reviewed at any time.