Mouldflo Cart

The Mouldflo CART is a plug-and-play product, which holds all the same features as the Monitoring Solution.

But, it differs in the setup and in the intended use:
Where the Flow Monitoring Solution is permanently integrated with the injection moulding machine, the CART is mobile and can easily be moved around between moulding machines. And it gives you the possibility to monitor up to 24 cooling channel at once!

The CART is developed in order to create a temporary overview of a cooling system, and be able to troubleshoot when the production is not up to the required quality. This differs from the Monitoring Solution, which will give you indications and alarms when your injection moulding machine is outside the set limits.

Where the Monitoring Solution is preventive, the CART is beneficial in fast emerging situations.



It is possible to add one or two manifolds to the CART. It is compatible with both the aluminium and the stainless steel manifold. You can choose between 4, 8 or 12 zones manifolds and they come in both regular and HighTemp version (up to 120 °C). This way you can monitor up to 24 cooling channels at once!

By selecting these options yourself, you get exactly what you need for your injection moulding machine.



When purchasing a CART, it always includes:

  • The CART stainless steel frame
  • The touch screen
  • All electronics needed
    • These are assembled in the box on the backside of the CART, and includes:
      • Power supply
      • Server (VNC) with Mouldflo software
      • MFIO, which connects the manifold sensor data to the MFS server
  • A 5V power cable (open-end in one end of plug)

The CART dimensions: 60 x 60 x 140 cm. The CART frame is delivered unassembled.