Mouldflo Flow Monitoring

Mouldflo offers an affordable manifold solution for monitoring flow and temperature of cooling circuits within a mould. The efficiency of the mould cooling circuit(s) are critical to a stable process and the manufacturing of high quality and stable parts.


The system protects your mould and improves quality by quickly identifying cooling problems and alerting you to various common cooling circuit problems, such as:

  • No water flow from the mould heater
  • Blocked waterways
  • Scale / rust build up
  • Incorrect piping


Traditionally the most common method for monitoring has been water flow regulators. Although cost effective flow regulators suffer from a number of inherent problems:

  • Bulky / delicate – have to be mounted away from the mould
  • Long pipe runs – reduced flow
  • Flow restrictions
  • Broken sight glasses
  • Do not give a true reading of flow
  • Sight glasses unreadable due to oxidation
  • High levels of maintenance