The World’s First In-Line Multi-Probe Spectrometer

SpectroSave is a multi-channel in-line spectrometer that integrates within the production line, providing on-site and real-time QA of colors. As opposed to stand alone spectrometers, SpectroSave communicates with the additive feeder, providing real-time feedback and correction of dosing quantities for 100% of machine cycles.

SpectroSave supports a wide range of high-demand and real-time QA applications including:

  • Digital setting of the pass/fail criteria,
  • In-line testing of product color,
  • Real-time analysis of masterbatch dispensing, and
  • Automatic color shade adjustment.



Multiple Modes & Probes

SpectroSave is a single system with interchangeable probes, enabling simultaneous measurement of multiple channels.

  • Transmitted color
  • Opacity
  • Reflected color shade
  • Haze

These high stability probes include a small form factor, and are impervious to distance, surface texture, and lateral or angular positioning, as well as resistance to vibrations, varying temperatures and dirty environments. The probes enable “plug-and-play” installation and operation, and require no special alignment procedures or complex calibration routines.

SpectroSave can also  be operated in either differential or absolute modes, enabling measurement of new-product color differences with either a reference part or coordinated L*a*b*.

In-Line Quality Control

With SpectroSave, factories can turn their existing gravimetric blenders and volumetric or gravimetric feeders into “Smart Feeders”, objectively setting and altering the masterbatch dosing set point by comparing and altering the ∆E of the new product in real-time.  In such a scenario, SpectroSave can even be attached to a post-production robot, enabling a fully automated solution for real-time testing and correction of additive dosing, as well as automatically discarding products that don’t meet QA requirements.

SpectroSave allows factories to speed up production, improve QA and minimize the color additive material consumption to the absolute minimum necessary; resulting in significant cost savings.

An additional application SpectroSave enables is “Smart Blenders”, where a single SpectroSave simultaneously controls multiple additive dispensers, enabling automatic in-line creation of color recipes from a single reference part. This setup is ideal for masterbatch producers and large plastic manufacturers looking to produce their own masterbatch base colors from an inventory of primary masterbatch colors.