ColorSave 1000

Advanced Single Component Gravimetric Feeder

ColorSave 1000 is a highly accurate and cost-effective single component masterbatch & additive gravimetric feeder for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines, that offers significant cost-savings and production efficiency advantages for plastics manufacturers.

ColorSave 1000 is the original single component gravimetric feeder for injection molding machines, and is still the only gravimetric feeder available with an internal weighing hopper – ensuring unmatched resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations, while providing the most accurate weighing and dosing.

The innovative design and proprietary algorithms found in the ColorSave 1000 ensure homogenous feeding, regardless of material density changes or other dynamic parameters.

Colorsave 1000
Benefits of a Double Hopper

ColorSave 1000’s external hopper acts as a protective shell for the internal hopper; preventing operator contact, air drafts and other factors from interfering with the weighing accuracy of the load cell. The mechanical separation of the weighing chamber from the screw feeder, motor and additive loader provides precision and accuracy of additive feeding that is unmatched in the industry.

  • Highly sensitive load cells
  • Accurate and precise feeding
  • Significant cost savings

Product Features

  • ColorSave 1000 provides the industry’s highest precision of additive feeding.
  • ColorSave 1000’s automatic calibration enables you to consistently feed at the desired set point.
  • ColorSave 1000’s user-friendly design allows you to quickly clean and sterilize components between jobs.

Significant Savings Compared to Volumetric Feeders & Batch Blenders

ColorSave 1000 brings significant cost reductions when compared to standard volumetric feeders or batch blenders. Save up to 50% of your masterbatch (MB) costs by making the switch to the gravimetric ColorSave 1000.

 Alternative TechnologiesMB Savings with ColorSave 1000
 Volumetric FeederUp to 50%
 Remote Batch BlenderUp to 35%
 Machine Throat Batch Blender       Up to 15%

Emptying without climbing up

Our innovative development is a Venturi emptying mechanism located at the base of the feeder, where the emptying hatch usually is. Similarly to the Venturi filling mechanism, the Venturi emptying mechanism works by means of an air pressure principle, drawing out the colorant without the need for the operator to have physical access to the feeder. When the operator wishes to empty the colorant from the feeder, he does so through the machine’s touch screen, which is accessibly located, and the feeder empties automatically.

Venturi emptying device

The emptying mechanism includes a piston that opens during emptying, and on the same time the air pressure draw out the colorant. In addition, when the Venturi emptying mechanism is activated the feeder’s screw turns backwards in order to release grains of colorant from the screw area, improving the cleaning process. Furthermore, it’s possible to add an air nozzle connected to the throat, opposite the feeder, which releases a jet of air directed towards the feeder’s screw for even more efficient cleaning.

The container into which the residual colorant is emptied is located below, near the operator, so the change of color is carried out at the operator’s level.

ColorSave 1000 Advantages

ColorSave 1000 offers more advantages for your production than any other gravimetric or volumetric feeder. 

  • Extreme accuracy and repeatability allows precise dosing and prevents overdosing of materials
  • Loss-in-weight controlling function allows optimum adjustment of operating point
  • Improved final product quality
  • Reduced number of rejects
  • Very simple operation with automatic calibration (zero setup time) ensures maximal efficiency
  • Suited to any injection molding, extrusion and blow molding machines

Additional features:

  • Stores up to 500 recipes, shortened setup time
  • Easy replacement of feeding screw
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning when switching colors and materials
  • Integrated automatic venturi vacuum loader for masterbatch
  • Real-time data collection and management of material consumption using control software
Details and Specs
 Hopper3/5/10 Liter
 Output range0.02-80 kg/h
 MotorPowerful step motor
 ControllerSophisticated powerful control unit, with color touchscreen display
 Load cell15 kg max., temp. compensated
 LoaderAutomatic integral venturi vacuum loader
 Mounting and f eedingBy neckpiece adapter, directly into the machine throat
 Alarm outputN/O dry contact, 24V/30mA max. Activated at: failure in filling, material no-fill, or overdose
 Weight16 kg
 Power100-240v, 200W, 50/60hz