Gravimetric Batch Blender

LIAD’s BatchSave is a compact, effective, and highly reliable gravimetric batch blender; providing factories accurate and optimal blends. BatchSave is easy to use, and works perfectly with injection molding, extrusion or blow molding machines.

Liad BatchSave


Each material is fed separately into a weighing hopper, with the weight continuously checked by the controller against the predefined values. The weighed material is then dispensed into the mixing chamber, which delivers a homogeneous blend.


  • Up to 6 materials (4 materials with pneumatic valve and 2 materials with screw feeding)
  • Up to 600 Kg/h
  • Up to 5.5 Kg batch
  • Up to 99 recipes

Material Hopper

BatchSave can incorporate up to 4 hoppers for primary materials using free fall feeding via pneumatic valve, and up to 2 hoppers for additives via screw feeding. All material hoppers include outlets for easy emptying and fast material changes, and transparent windows to allow visual inspection.

Weighing Hopper

Using a single load cell, the weighing hopper is designed to guarantee exceptionally high accuracy of ±0.1%. The hopper is fully removable and allows for simple maintenance and cleaning.


The unique design of the effective mixer has no stagnation areas, assuring superior and homogeneous blending. The mixer can be removed without pellet leakage for simple and quick cleaning.


The modular construction guarantees high flexibility, enabling selection of the desired number of components. BatchSave has been designed so that it can be simply installed directly on the processing machine or on a special stand to feed one or more machines.

A wide transparent door enables access to all parts as well as visual inspection of the system’s operation. A safety micro switch prevents operation if the door is open.


The sophisticated PLC controller monitors the overall operation of the system. Every batch is followed by an automatic recalibration and error correction if necessary, assuring extreme accuracy of the blending process.

The user-friendly touch screen facilitates easy setting, operation, and monitoring, while the controller is compatible with MODBUS over TCP/IP communication, and can seamlessly interface with LIAD-View monitoring PC software.



  • Loading control, integrated with central vacuum system
  • Venturi loaders support
  • Floor stand to feed one or more machines
  • Mixed material bin with pneumatic slide gate discharge
  • Level sensors for the material hoppers

Technical Data:

  • Power supply: 3x380V, 50 Hz
  • Air consumption: 0.3 m3/hr
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Dimensions: L=1368 x W=747 x H=1218 mm (with 6 material hoppers, without floor stand or hopper loaders)


Download the brochure:
BatchSave Brochure English