Cleaning Compound

4clean Cleaning compound

4Moulding offers various solutions suitable for different plastic materials and temperatures. Free flowing pellets for cleaning of injection moulding machines and extruders for easy changing of products and colors. Purging compounds offer improved cleanliness and therefore higher efficiency in production. Purging compounds improve productivity and safety in plastics production.



4CleanMix is a ready-to-use premixed cleaning compound, no further mixing required.

Suitable for all thermoplastics with a processing temperature from 120°C to 320°C.

Suitable for both injection and extrusion moulding. Harmless for mixing screws and barrels.Produces no smoke or stank. All components are food approved FDA Grass. Also suitable for cleaning hotrunners and mixing nozzles.

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4CleanPure is a high concentrated cleaning compound in pellet form. Suitable for all thermoplastics with a processing temperature from 80°C to 420°C. Easily mix 10%/15% 4CleanPure with 90%/85% virgin material. By taking the virgin you want 4CleanPure makes an excellent cleaning compound for your application. In addition, 4Clean is particularly interesting from a price point of view. 4CleanPure produces no stank or smoke, and doesn’t damage the screw or barrel.

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4Clean NSF is available as a pure and mix variant and has been specially developed for the food processing industry. The cleaning compound is NSF FDA H2 approved NSF reg. No. 150995.

  • Odorless, no smell or bad fumes.
  • Little needed per material change so low costs.
  • Works quickly, without contact time or temperature increase.

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