A gravimetric feeder engineered specifically for small products features precise dosing, down to a single pellet, regardless of additive size, weight or physical properties. As a result, the ColorSave-Micro from Liad Weighing and Control Systems Ltd. (Misgav, Israel) eliminates many calibration and maintenance tasks, reduces the number of rejects and optimizes masterbatch additive consumption.

colorsave micro

Dosing small amounts of additive is complicated and typically leads to machine downtime. The ColorSave system reportedly reduces the need for maintenance and calibration by using a single dispensing channel that is compatible with all jobs and additives. The additive advances through the channel via controlled vibrations induced by electromagnetic pulses.

Calibration is performed via the control box, which monitors loss in weight from cycle to cycle. The set value is calculated from the specified shot weight and the percentage of masterbatch or additive. With this setup, the ColorSave-Micro can accurately and consistently dispense single or multiple pellets per batch, a task that would require as many as three or more pitched augers with existing gravimetric feeders, according to Liad.

Dosage of the additive needs to be more precise as the product gets smaller, and this may lead to increased product rejects. Some producers will overcompensate to account for the additive or manually mix the master batch additive with the resin. ColorSave technology eliminates these potential problem points by eliminating variation and consistently dispensing the required dose.

Although it is designed for small products, the ColorSave-Micro can perform accurate dosing for most product sizes when used in conjunction with an optional venturi loader.

The feeder is available for purchase directly through the company’s website and comes with a 30-day risk free trial.