4Moulding partners with HSB-Normalien

In order to meet the demand for high-quality mould -plates, -houses and accessories, 4Moulding works together with HSB Normaliën from Germany. Starting 1 May 2018. The program includes standard mouldplates and parts (Hasco-DME compatible) DIN parts, guide pins and bushes, stamps, form stamps and beams. Customer-specific production of die-cutting and moulded parts and preparatory work on the mouldplates is also possible. This means that the throughput time can be optimally utilized.

Parts can be manufactured to your drawing and specifications.  Such as flat ejectors, die cores, ejector pins.Flat bar steel for various applications in the toolmaking and mould industry. Available in different shapes and sizes.

At www.4moulding.com/producten/matrijshuizen you will find the link to the mould configuration program with which you can easily assemble your mouldhouse. Available from stock and competitive price.